T he Mandhani family consisting of all Mandhani Brothers, Mr Raj Kumar Mandhani, Mr Ashok Mandhani and Mr. Pawan Mandhani led by their highly enterprising and visionary brother Mr. Bijay Mandhani,started from a very humble beginning from Vizianagaram but have successfully established themselves as a leading name in the Coal Industry of the country, in various fields of Coal import, Coal trading and Coal washery business.

Under the stewardship of Mr Bijay Mandhani, apart from the Coal Industry the family has successfully diversified in the field of Information Technology, Real Estate Development & Construction, Solar Power etc to name a few.

Driven by their strong desire to contribute to the cause of society, the brothers in the fond memory of their father and mother have established G L Mandhani Trust through which they undertake their philanthropic activities.Fulfilling its commitment to the CSR, the trust dedicatedly supports the cause of imparting education to poor children, providing a respectable life to the orphans and the much needed medical support to the poor and needy .

The trust also plays a pivotal role in giving its dedicated support for preserving and spreading the rich heritage of the art and the culture of our country by supporting and encouraging the established as well as the budding artist.